British Imperialism (Histories and Controversies)
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  • Title: British Imperialism (Histories and Controversies)
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British Imperialism (Histories and Controversies)
What was British imperialism and was it an important element of modern globalization? Were economic, political or military factors paramount in imperial expansion? Do post-colonial theories assist or mislead historians? How have histories of imperialism changed, and are current analyses satisfactory?

Robert Johnson's invaluable guide offers a succint, easy-to-follow introduction to the key issues and historiography of British imperialism from its origins to the conversion to the Commonwealth.

British Imperialism
- provides concise introductions to key questions and debates
- takes a question-based approach to analysis of the material
- offers an assessment of the significance of economic, military and political factors in imperial expansion and decolonization
- presents critical appraisals of the most recent controversies including neo-colonialism, cultural imperialism, post-colonial theory, and gender and imperialism
- includes a useful guide to further reading

Using vivid examples, Johnson clearly explains the nature of British imperialism and enables the reader to understand the causes, course and immediate consequences of the British-colonial encounter on a world-wide scale. His book is an essential starting point for all those new to the subject and a helpful introduction to more recent debates.

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